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Emo-compulsive ride

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Emo-compulsive ride
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Millennials evolve constantly. Not only physically, mentally as well. Through experiencing new things and gaining experiences, they become who they really are. This process is essential to each individual human being, yet mental illness can appear during this evolution. Mental well-being among the youth is a controversial issue in this modern society, which can be caused by the following reasons such as overdose, depression, stress etc. Parents desperately seek for help, as a quick solution they send their unbalanced child to a psychiatric clinic for young adults and hope for the best. But is this really the best for the child?

At first sight Ryan (alias) is a regular student, who will be graduating this year. What makes him special is his story he has to tell. In April 2017, a Saturday night Ryan’s parents decided to leave town, therefore he thought it was the perfect opportunity to throw a party. That night was a hit, drinking, talking, dancing, you name it. Everyone was having a blast, the alcohol was kicking into its max. “No, Ryan please do not jump or we will call the police” a friend shouted, the party has escalated into a jeopardy. Ryan was spotted smiling while standing in front of an open window, willing to jump down. Police has been informed immediately, and has showed up forthwith. While Ryan was asked to come along with them, he was told they were heading to the hospital. That was only thing he could remember before passing out, after that he woke up in a psychiatric clinic for youths.

Ryan does not have depressions or other metal issues, the reason he made this impulsive decision was much more primitive than we thought. During that night Ryan’s girlfriend decided to go home. “Why don’t I climb out the window and surprise her in front of the door step?” This eccentric idea randomly popped up in his mind, with alcohol as an aphrodisiac he rushed over to the window and was stood by himself in the dark.

Adults blame Ryan for being irresponsible, irrational and pathetic beyond that the young generation is deemed to take everything for granted, partying ignoring it’s consequences but was Ryan is really the one to blame for? Even though Ryan’s friend should have communicated with him first, instead of making the big fuss and involving the police, but Ryan was directly taken to the psychiatric clinic without running any background investigation, how would you feel if this happened to you?
The feeling of waking up without knowing what happened and where you are is beyond petrifying. He first woke up in a so-called “time-out” room, which is a padded cell. After regaining his consciousness, he was registered at the front desk where he had to turn in his wallet, belt (averting suicidal thoughts) and phone.

After the sign up, he had to follow the daily routine, which he was given. In spite of the awkward circumstances he managed to acquaintance with the fellow crows and found out autotomy was a main “crime” which was being committed. That is why sharp utensils are prohibited. During his “rehabilitation” he had to attend therapy with psychologist one time a day, in which you need to talk about your feelings and mental well-being. After a few sessions, Ryan was identified with no depression. That means he was able to go home two days later.
On account of the fiasco Ryan has learned his lesson, he has to rebuild the trust between him and his parents and revalue his friendship.

We have to raise attention to adolescents who suffer from mental illness, and its impact on their life. Psychiatric might appear at the first sight as an ideal option, children are advertised to be taken in good hands by experts. In reality it does not work this way the fact that you are locked up and face the same person and have the same depressing atmosphere can drive you crazy and the lacking social contact contributes to it is well. Of course, seeking for help is vital, how ever they have to learn how to get their life back together on their own.

Ryan’s daily routine

Wake up and getting ready (1h)
“Team-Time” (you are only allowed to speak in German) entertainment: reading, listening to Radio, play poker, watch TV (only as a reward) during that time each one of the them will be in therapy
“Room-time”(you will be video taped)
“Team-Time” (some are allowed to go out, music or sport therapy)
Get together at dinner table (in case a member has been added they have to introduce them self to the group) they have to talk about how their day was
Movie time as a group