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William Blake's "The Schoolboy" mal anders

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William Blake's "The Schoolboy" mal anders
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The Schoolboy Reversed 

(Original by William Blake, remastered by Yusuf Yüksel 10a)

I love to rise in a summer morn,

When the birds sing on every tree,

The distant huntsman winds his horn,

And the skylark sings with me:

O what a sweet company!

But to go to school in a summer morn, -

Drives the homeschooling away!

Without a mask on,

To waste the day,

In sleep and play.

At school I sit with full desire,

And spend many happy hours;

With book, pen and paper,

Instead of computer, phone and mouse,

And only after school I go back to my house. 

How can the schoolboy that is keen to learn 

Sit at home and sleep?

How can the pupils, when meetings annoy,

But lose their drive to learn,

And forget their awesome schooltime!

O Mr. And Mrs. Teacher when our WIFI is bad, 

And Teams doesn’t react;

And the tender pupils are sad,

Stripped of their joy of live lessons,

By homework and depression. -

How shall the holidays arise in joy,

Or the learning fruits appear?

Or how shall we gather what corona destroys,

Or wait for the next school year,

When homeschooling appears?

The Schoolboy 2021

(Original by William Blake, remastered by anonymous 10a)

I love to rise in a summer morn,

When the birds sing on every tree,

The distant huntsman winds his horn,

And the skylark sings with me

Oh what sweet company!

But the thought of going to school in a summer morn, -

O it drives all joy away!

Under a cruel eye outworn,

You have to work well the whole day,

In sighing and dismay.

But as I have to,

I wake up early,

Do the things I have to do,

Go by bus – so many people!

Walk to school - where I meet you.

Walking together, what a wonderful thing 

Look at the blossoms! Listen to the birds! 

It’s just lovely when they sing.

Arriving at the classroom with the others,

We have to be quiet 'cause the lesson starts,

We have to work hard for science and arts,

But in the end, no one bothers.

But in the end,

My dearest friend,

I did it with you,

That’s why I liked it, do you feel so, too?

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